The Hazard Mitigation Plan Update is available for public review and comment! 

Click HERE to view the Plan.

What is Hazard Mitigation?


Hazard mitigation seeks to reduce potential losses from
future hazards. Through hazard mitigation, communities can reduce or eliminate the risk of loss of life, injury, and/or property damage. Thus, aiming to reduce the likelihood that a hazard will result in a disaster.

About the Plan Update


Michael Baker International has been selected to help the State of Wyoming update the Region 8 Hazard Mitigation Plan. When done through a thoughtful, diligent, and inclusive comprehensive planning process, hazard mitigation plans identify strategies or actions a community can take to build resiliency.

Get Involved

We need your help! Find out when our next meetings are and participate in any active surveys! Your input will help develop a stronger plan with realistic goals, and will help the County implement successful mitigation projects to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

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